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Pirate Pets

A Place for all one eyed pets

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Pirate Pets

Welcome to Pirate Pets, a community for all the one eyed pets in our life. Dog, Cat, Horse; If it has one eye or less, it's welcome here.

I started this community when Bandit, our pug, had to have his left eye removed due to a corneal injury. I posted the happenings in two pug communities (pugs,pug_pics), in his journal (boston_puglick), and in mine (sanguine_void). In each place I posted, at least one person responded with "My [insert pet here] only has one eye" or "My [insert pet here] had to have his/her eye removed too."

This community is here for all us one eyed animal lovers to come together and share stories, pictures, ask questions, and even as a support group for someone forced to go through the worrisome time of having an animals eye removed.

Everyone is welcome here!

The Rules

The rules are pretty simple and follow those of most other communities out there. Most of all, all I ask is that you use common sense in your posting, so that no one has to get their feelings hurt and we can all be friends.
  • Be Respectful - You don't always have to agree with something that someone says, but please make an attempt to be respectful to everyone here. Rudeness will not be tolerated! Remember that we are all here because of a common bond, and that everyone has their own way of doing things.
  • Nothing Illegal - This is pretty self explanatory but in case you are wondering, if it's something that is not legal in the United States, then it doesn't belong here.
  • Posting Photos - Photos are more than welcome and encouraged! However, if you are going to post more than one picture, please put the rest beneath a LJ-Cut so that those still on 56k aren't swamped by viewing their friends page.
  • Community Promoting - While some communities have a very strict no promoting rule, I tend to be a little more lenient. Community Promoting is allowed as long as you promote no more than once a week, your entry containing the promotion has content in it other than the promotion, and that it has some sort of tie in to this community.
  • Have Fun - Most of all, this community is supposed to be fun. We've all been through a rough time living and learning from our one eyed companions, so we all are equal here. Have fun, be silly, and most of all, be yourself.

The Maintainers

sanguine_void - "Sister" to Bandit, and animal lover extrordinaire
pen_drag0n - "The Boy", and all around nice guy

Thank You

A big thank you goes out to workmantm for giving us a gift of a 12 month paid subscription.
It means a lot to all of us!
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